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to Our 100 Club


The purpose of the 100 Club is to raise funds for RMTC to contribute towards company costs. However, it is also a fun way to get involved with the society and win yourself a monthly cash prize!




• Numbers available from 1 – 100 at £5 each per month. Numbers will be allocated once payment is made.


• You can pay either Monthly, Quarterly,  Half Yearly or Annually via the below Subscriptions.


• There will be one prize per draw totaling 50% of monthly income. Winnings will be paid direct by bank transfer/Cheque if required.


• Non- payment will mean that the number is released and can be bought by another person. 1 month's cancellation notice is required.


• Draw to take place on the first week of every month and will be done by using an electronic number generator


• 10% of monthly revenue to be donated to an appointed Rochdale Borough based charity – selected by the Board and optionally changed every six months.


• The name and number of winners will be posted on facebook and the website each month.


• An individual member or company can hold more than one membership.


• Existing members- there are no changes to your numbers or payments.

100 Club winners

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